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Is That Christmas I Hear A-Knocking?

by - Saturday, November 30, 2013

I think it might well be!
Hello there! I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. I don't know about you, but I'm loving the fact that the season-switchover is during the weekend this time around. It means that I can enjoy and prepare, rather than having the start of a fresh new month passing me by mid-week.

Now, the me from years before would have looked down her nose at the fact I started thinking about Christmas three weeks ago, but now I'm a blogger I always have to be one step ahead. So, we're ringing in the festive month tomorrow and putting up our decorations, a lot earlier than previous years. But, I am totally and utterly, excited as hell! 

My excitement has also spread a wee bit into defying the wishes of my other half now, too. (Oops!) He absolutely despises glitter so previous Christmases have been pretty much glitter-free. Given we're hosting this time, and we've had a whole year to settle in to the new house, I've got my decorating plans down and desperately want the theme to work. All over the house. And quite frankly, I need a bit of glitter to do this.

So, like any normal person would, I have begun to gently introduce tiny hints of glitter into the house, very gradually, over a period of time.

Yeah right!

I've gone out and bought the most glittery decoration I have ever seen, and I'm NOT taking it back! *Stamps foot*

Now I just need to wait 'til he gets home from work to see what happens...

If you don't hear from me again, I will probably be wandering the streets looking for a new place to live, clutching my glitter heart wreath...


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