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How To Make a Book Page Wreath

by - Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hello there! After a couple of yummy recipes this week, I think it's about time for a craft project! This is actually inspired by the lovely Tracie, from her blog 'The Bunch,' although you can also find inspiration on Google Images. (I especially love the ones that look like giant dahlias!) This was super simple to make, but looks absolutely gorgeous and very autumnal.

This would be a nice project to make using a seasonal book, or perhaps beautiful text like that of Enid Blyton. I opted for some 10p 1980's Romance Novels though, because pulling pages out of a book feels way too evil to warrant doing that to Ms Blyton!

Since hanging this last weekend I've had guests being completely surprised that I made it myself... what a fab feeling that is! *Grins uncontrollably*

So here's the how-to...

  Antique Book Page Wreath   

What you will need:
1 Oasis Florist's Wreath (I used a 14" one)
100 German Pins (Known as 'Greening Pins' in some Countries)
An old book or two
A Gold Paint Marker (Optional)

Twine or string, to hang

What to do:

If you want gold edges, start by painting the sides of the pages before pulling them out. Mine didn't come out too well, I think the pages were a little thin, so just be aware of this when choosing your books.

You can also use a mixture of pages from different books, or all from the same one.

Once you've coloured the edges, pull out a few handfuls of pages. (You don't need to pull them all out at once - I did mine a bit at a time so the book acted as storage for the remaining ones - I intend to use them again).

Create a 'bowl' shape with your hand and press the centre of each page into your palm, to crumple it into the right shape. Scrunch it in a bit more with your 'bowl' hand then push a greening pin down through the layers that have now formed. Including some of the layers in the pinning will stop the page from unfolding when you let go.

Next, push the pin into the oasis, starting on the inside of the wreath. Ensure it is in firmly.

Repeat this process with as many pages as you need, making sure no parts of the wreath are showing when complete.

When the wreath is completely covered, choose which way you'd like to hang it and carefully tie twine round the 'top' part, tucking it in between pages.  You can do this part at the beginning, but I waited until the end so I could choose the orientation that looked best.

You may find that some pages pop out when you are hanging the wreath, but don't worry, they're very easy to pin back in.

And that's it finished!

This makes a fantastic feature, and is the perfect show-stopper for your autumn decorations. I will show you how I've styled mine when I do my home-made mantelpiece reveal later on in the week.

The wreath looks magnificent up close and from far away; what an achievement from such a cheap and cheerful project! It also stands out beautifully on our teal chimney breast, which is the first thing you see when entering the room. I am completely in love with this simple decoration!

Thanks for reading today and I'd love to know if you decide to make one too...

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