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A Sign of Autumn

by - Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Good afternoon there! As we are in the midst of what's turning out to be a very sunny autumn, I decided to make myself a little sign for our new mantlepiece. I love words, the way they sound and their ability to evoke wonderful thoughts. Add a font that compliments the word's personality and you've got the makings for a seasonal poster!

I spent a little while making this sign up on Photoshop and got it printed and mounted so it would stand freely. I'm really in love with it because it prompts me to pause and enjoy the moments of autumn - exactly what I needed this year.

Last year I felt like autumn flew by and I didn't even notice the leaves change colour before falling off the trees. I told myself months ago that this autumn I must look out for every colour change right up until the last little leaf. Somehow, I've actually managed it and I'm so grateful for every beautiful scene that I've, well, seen!

So now I've got this lovely poster with all my favourite elements of autumn reminding me to appreciate the natural beauty around me...

...and to notice the little things.

I guess despite being British this is my autumn list of thanks. Because even if I don't celebrate Thanksgiving I'm sure grateful for a lot of things!

I've also now made up a winter one ready for printing and I have some ideas for Christmas ones too, with different colour schemes that I'm getting very excited about. I plan to have a homemade seasonal poster on our mantel for every opportunity I can think of!

Have a fab day all and don't forget the beauty that surrounds you!

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