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Herbert's Farm

by - Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Good afternoon! I hope you all had an enjoyable, sunny weekend. I'm feeling a wee bit in-between at the moment due to my excitement about autumn battling away in my head with my desperation for more summer. And a weekend that consists of August AND September hasn't quite helped! My ideas are tripping over themselves and I think they may be melding into something rather interesting...

We went up to Herbert's Farm on Sunday so P could have a swing with the golf clubs and I could furrow in the hedgerows for any early-season blackberries. It's essentially a big grass field on the edge of town, surrounded by a school field, the back of a housing estate, and lots of trees. Or so I thought. I left P behind hitting balls at my pink garden bucket and wandered up to the hedge... and found a secret opening. Ok, so it's not that secret but I was totally unprepared for what would be on the other side.

It was this.

Pure, silent, never-ending, English countryside. The infinite view of yellow, blue and green that stole my heart a long time ago, and quite frankly, I don't want it back. It can hang onto it for as long as I live because one day I will move in next to it.

As some of you may know, I moved in with P at the beginning of the year, and we live just off-centre of a charming little town. Although it's a country-town, rather than a city-town, (If you know what I mean by that) even 8 months living here has made my heart strain at the reins to move back to the middle of the countryside: where I grew up and where I belong.

My parents' house is only 7 miles out of town, in a peaceful village, which is and always will be my home. So despite how much I love our town, I know that a country village childhood is the best thing ever to me and I want to create that for our family one day.

It simply is nature at it's most beautiful.

So you can see why, when I left the field of school and estate and grass, to find this hiding behind the hedgerow, I couldn't stop smiling... or snapping.

It had been so chilly Sunday morning that I donned my finest autumn countrywear: leggins, TWO cardigans and my Barbour. Well, it's safe to say the Barbour soon came off as Sunday became a beautiful day while I was out foraging.

The best crop I came home with wasn't actually blackberries, though... I swiped some wheat from the field to make autumn harvest type decorations at home. (When I'm actually ready to admit Autumn's coming). Not to mention P swiftly lost his golfing-target when I snatched it back for my wheat!

That's Roma on the awning roof back at our house... blackberry spotting I suppose, as I actually found more blackberries sneaking over my garden fence than in the wild hedges.  I'm happy to say that the hedgerows are clearly clinging onto summer just like me.

Happy Tuesday everyone and thanks for reading today. I should be back again with a recipe from my country foraging soon...

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