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Brighton Jazz

by - Friday, September 20, 2013

Hello and happy Friday! Hope you're all getting as excited as me for the weekend. I have a Sainsbury's shop coming tonight with a truck load of wine on it and I can't actually wait to be curled up on the sofa with a glass of red and Gardener's World on the box. Of course there's finishing the working day, driving home, cooking dinner and unpacking the shopping before any of this can happen but I'm so excited I don't think I care!

So anyway, I promised on my Brighton post that I would be uploading a video of the wonderful band we saw on Friday night.

Let me tell you a quick little thing about our anniversary evening: P had found on Google a little Jazz bar in Brighton that also did food, so we decided to wander down for the evening together. I've got to say, we were a little dressed to the nines and we stepped through the door into something that seemed like a daytime cafe. We ordered a bottle of gorgeous Chardonnay to go with the full 3 courses that were only £15. This all seemed a wee bit too casual for what we were expecting but as soon as they dimmed the lights for dinner, everything changed...

We forgot to take any photos on the day but thought I'd throw this one in from the daytime. I love this boy more than I can say!

The food was out of this world, and the service was even better. Being such a small establishment, it felt like we'd been invited to a friend's house for dinner. The whole three courses were exceptional, the wine was glorious and the staff were what made it all so good. After eating, we were led downstairs into a long, red velvet-lined room with jazz star-portraits down either side, and a small stage at the far end. We had two seats kindly reserved at the front and everything just became perfect.

So the band, Sceanario, consists of three lovely Italian guys that know their music inside and out. They were also joined by jazz legend Jim Mullen on guitar, who you can see on the left in the video. They're playing a Beatles song, (The set is called 'Let it Beatles') but can you tell which one?

I'll leave it there for now and leave the video to do the talking, as I know I'm not a jazz blogger...


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