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Why No Ranunculus?

by - Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Well, exactly that. I've just written that question to myself on my phone, in the hope I'll remember to grow them next time. 2013 is my first official year of gardening, and I have so, so many favourite plants that I've managed to forget what half of them are when shopping and sowing for this summer. I have now got to the stage where, unless they're autumn/winter plants, I now have to wait nearly a year before I can start growing them. How bad does that sound?

Before I can plant my forgotten favourites, we've got to do Halloween, Bonfire night, Christmas, New Years, about 500 birthdays, the start of spring, followed by winter clawing it's way back with weeks of snow, then spring again, THEN I can finally start thinking about what to plant up.

That's a long way away, isn't it?

So, because I'm a wee bit upset that my ' planting playtime' is done with, I've decided I need to write a list of my garden plans so I don't miss the kneeler next year.

I took this photo on my phone the other day, and despite still being able to see parts of the garden that bug me and need lots of work, this photo still makes me happy. This represents me in my element, sort of. The washing is done and hanging out to dry, whilst soaking up that fresh air smell I love so much. The grass is cut and the beds are full of colour. The sun may not be shining but you can tell it still feels good and airy out there, and best of all, it represents the achievements that we've made this year. (Especially when you look at what it was like, here.)

So, my future plans start right from this moment. One spare weekend I need to do a dump trip. There is a lot of stuff floating about on the patio waiting to disappear. I keep pointing a stick at it and shouting EXPELLIARMUS! but unfortunately, it just won't budge. (For all you Harry Potter fans that have just thought 'that's a disarming spell,' I don't think there's a 'carry yourself off to the dump' spell so it had to do.)

Wizardry aside, I've had an epiphany today. The compost heap on the left there is one of my 'baffle zones' that I don't know how to deal with. But I've just decided! As some of the wood is there already, I think I may build a raised bed to go over that space. This can then either hold flowers or vegetables next year. That will be my next job I think! The patio slabs in front of it will then sit with purpose, instead of seeming so randomly placed.

So, what to grow?

Dahlias. My ultimate garden-love this year. I am head over heels with them, I really am. The ones above are plug plants that I bought, and are only about 8 inches tall. The one below, however, is one I've grown from a tuber, which comes up to my hip. I definitely plan on tuber growing them next year, as they just seem to end up bigger.

Sweet peas. These will definitely be growing next year, but remind me to stake them up with nets before they get too big and topple over, because I've really ruined them this year.

Ranunculus. I have no idea how or when to grow these so we can go through it all together.

Roses. Hopefully my two beauties will be thriving next year, giving me fuchsia pink and pastel yellow blooms for cutting and bringing inside.

Hydrangeas. I intend on looking out for some old tatty ones in the sale over the next few months, to plant them up ready for next year.

Spring bulbs. This is maybe the most important because I need to put these in this Autumn. I know it will be worth it when there are tulips and daffodils brightening up what I expect to be a chilly spring.

There hasn't actually been anything I've grown this year that I haven't loved, so I'll be planting all the classics that you will have seen in my June and July Garden posts, too.

I guess those are all the particulars for now! I'm sure I'll think of more but at least I've got this list to refer back to. I'm already getting excited at the opportunities for the garden 9 months from now, so I think I better sit back and enjoy having a plan, but most of all, enjoy having a garden to plan for.

I love a bit of organisation, don't you!?

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  1. Notes for next year.Smart. I do that every august so I can remember to move, re-plant or add things in each of my gardens. I can never remember otherwise!!

  2. That's a very good idea! I think I'll find it easy to forget that a lot of it will disappear and in 9 months time I won't remember where everything is! I've heard of people sketching out layouts and listing where everything is, too, which I might give a go soon! :)

  3. Love this - I want to make some major changes in my garden and to add flowers that I hope will withstand this southern heat - I had a notebook I kept - I think I need to take time to sit and to plan - inspiring, lovely post,
    I am delighted that you shared with Home and Garden Thursday,

  4. Hi Kathy! Heat isn't something we really have to worry about here in the UK! I hope to sketch out my garden and label where everything is so I can be prepared next year. I hate thinking about having to start again in the spring... it feels like our summer has only just got going!
    Thanks for reading!


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