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My Holiday Style

by - Friday, July 19, 2013

Keeping cool in curves
Well hello, strangers!
Apologies for having not posted for a week, I have been in the very rural (and very hot) French Countryside with no internet, which, despite missing blogging & Instagraming, has been rather lovely!

I've managed to shoot 10½ rolls of film and have so far developed 9 of them, resulting in 252 photos. I'm thinking I shouldn't cram all of that into one endless post, so I'll do a few posts over the next few weeks. Of course, you won't see 252+ images, it will be a small selection. I'm not going to virtually sit you down and hand you my holiday album, expecting you to 'ooh' and 'ahh' over each one!

So today's post is about what I wore on holiday.
Being rather curvy, I quite often look at skinny-outfit photos and think 'I love it! - but it wouldn't look good on me.' I've always been utterly hopeless when it comes to summer style, too. I spent a whole week in Rome two years ago wearing the same dress as all my other skirts kept riding up with each step... and I'm pretty groggy when my clothes are irritating me.

I'm forever walking past girls in their floaty dresses (they always get blown up by the wind on me) and their little sandals (every pair I've bought has killed my feet) with beautiful, long hair that sits perfectly no matter what (definitely not - my hair barely even stays tidy). Oh, and they never, ever, look like they're too hot... which I always do. (Frizz central!)

I've now somehow managed to build up a collection of summer outfits from charity and vintage shops, and my reliable old favourite, Matalan. I finally feel like I can be comfortable and look summery during the warm months!

So, as a celebration of being happy in my skin, here are a few picks of my curvy girl holiday style from last week...

This silk scarf is made all the more pretty because it's backdrop is the wonderful Paris!

Head Scarf: Charity Shop
Jumper: Matalan
Sunglasses: Topshop
(Earrings: A Gift)

Dress: H&M
Flip Flops: Accessorize
Sunglasses: As Before

Sunglasses: As Before
Bikini: Debenhams

Dress: Vintage
Sunglasses: As Before
Lipstick: Rimmel Kate Matte Lipstick in shade 110

Sunglasses: As Before
Vest Top: Camaieu
Bag: Vintage
Cropped Trousers: Matalan
Sandals: Charity Shop (Originally New Look)
Baguette: A Yummy Bakery in Lauzan!

Hat: Charity Shop
Swim Suit: Vintage

I learnt a little something while out there: What we call dogtooth in England is 'Pied de Poule' in France. Translation: Chicken Foot. How amazing is that!?

Matching my nails to my outfit!

Sunglasses: As Before

Swim Suit: Vintage
Nail Varnish: A Woman's Prague-ative by OPI

Vest Top: As Before (Camaieu)
Cropped Trousers: As Before
Bag: As Before
Plimsols: Super U

Back in my day, (I can't believe I just wrote that!) cropped trousers like these were called 'pedal pushers.' I have no idea why! I love a bit of nineties style though and I absolutely love these trousers. They take me right back to all of the pairs I had as a teenager.

The blue dress I'm wearing in the watermelon ice lolly picture (taken in Bergerac) is absolutely beautiful. It's hand made and is very fifties style, the skirt has a beautiful swing to it. The weather was unbearably hot that day so I forgot to get a full-length photo of it... I'll post one when I next wear it!

I hope you're enjoyed today's post and it's fabulous to be back on the blog again.

Have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you soon!

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