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July Garden | 2013

by - Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Good afternoon all!
I know it wasn't long ago that I posted about our June garden, but there have been some fab developments since then and everything is looking lovely. So, I thought I should do another post this month for you, and make the most of our summer garden. I doubt I'll be doing these posts much after September!

So, the garden at number eleven welcomes you with open arms, come in and have a little look!

This photo was on yesterday's Operation Pond post, but just in case you missed that one, this is the view from the house / patio. The main thing (since getting rid of the pond!) that bugs me is not having a proper lawn. Due to the garden not being looked after before we lived here, the lawn is pretty much moss and the odd bit of straggly grass. It is my dream to have a lush, green lawn that I can picnic on. But one thing at a time!

Let's take a wander round the beds and baskets...

The little apple tree bed. I started this last spring by putting the rickety wooden border roll in, and planted a few odds and sods here and there. Unfortunately it can't be a full circle because the step on the other side goes too far in to make it round, so I decided not to argue with the slabs and have left the edging out on that side.

Now we've finally got a hosepipe set up, I plan to give the steps and the patio a ruddy good clean sometime soon!

Cockscomb. I have never grown these before but I fell in love with them at the garden centre. I've got them in a range of different reds, pinks and oranges dotted around the beds. They look fantastic!

Lilac Lobelia and blue Ageratum, dotted in amongst trailing Fuchsias in my hanging basket.

Then we'll head up to the back left corner, where the wonderful butler sink is now my herb garden. I'm very excited about this one! The other evening it was pouring down with rain and I stood picking fresh oregano whilst getting soaked. And I didn't care. It is so exciting having a herb garden to pop out to, and being surrounded by the fresh scents of rain, herbs and air is totally invigorating.

I'm currently growing Oregano, Basil, Sage, Mint & Chives.

Against the back fence are my sweet peas, that unfortunately are not doing too well. I ran out of time to stake them up before holiday and they've fallen all over each other and got tangled since. If anyone knows how to salvage them, I would be eternally grateful of some advice!

But, I get the occasional flower, so I make the most of it when I can!

It's then past my pink rose (which the petals had half fallen off, so I didn't photograph!) and up to the Buddleia at the back of the garden.

Which had the light change during the photos, but I had to include both images as this plant really is beautiful.

Mr Bumble is getting his 5 minutes of fame!

This basket sits in between the buddleia and the rose at the back of the garden. Seeing as we don't have any hanging basket brackets, I've got the hanging baskets sitting in the top of things like this, the bird bath. I think it works very nicely!

In this one, we've got more trailing Lobelia, in beautiful shades of blue, with double head Petunias, which are just gorgeous.

Then up to rose corner at the back right, is a pink Hydrangea. It's not fully opened yet and the petals look like a tiny bouquet.

Around the Rockery we've got more dahlias. (Of course!)

Then in the rockery we've got more petunias, pinks and cockscomb.

There are lots of alpines in there too, but not too many flowers on them. We'll see how they're doing when I do my August garden post!

My Clematis is doing very nicely, and growing very fast.

And last but not least, my window boxes that sit below the kitchen window and my craft corner window. In there I've got more lilac Lobelia with more blue Ageratum. I love window boxes, and Mrs Butterfly certainly seems to like them too!

So there it all is! I'm loving how well the garden is progressing this summer, it really is looking beautiful.

I hope you're getting to enjoy the outdoors, one way or another, as there's far too much beauty out there for us to simply miss.

Thanks for reading today,

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  1. Gorgeous garden photos - I am fond of bees and butterflies - you've captured some lovely moments! I am delighted you shared with Home and Garden Thursday,

    1. Glad you like them, thanks! I was surprised how patient that butterfly was with me!

  2. Hello Kathryn, I wanted to share that your post will be featured in this week's Home and Garden Thursday, I appreciate you sharing,

  3. That's fab news, thanks so much Kathy! I really appreciate it, very exciting! :)


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