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Home Sweet Home

by - Thursday, July 25, 2013

Happy nearly-Friday everyone!
Now, I don't know if I'm alone here, but I think way too much about the future, I'm very aware that I do it and I know I should stop but I just never can.

I'm always planning every weekend on a Monday morning, I'm constantly thinking about which celebrations are coming up next month and I'm non-stop dreaming of where I want to be in 10 years time. Now, I know exactly where that would be, and what I'd be doing, but I just can't promise that it'll be that way when I get there.

I'm a strong believer in things happening for a reason, and if it's meant to be, it's meant to be. I always dream of the house I want, the garden I want, and the things I want to be doing in them. And as a result, when that nasty little 'what if it doesn't turn out that way' thought forces it's way into my head, it always gets me down.

And I've been feeling a bit like that all week, really. I was hoping to be blogging all about the French trip this week but it's kind of, got put on hold really. If I had some light at the end of the tunnel that eliminates my terror of never being able to own our own house, it sure would make my brain a little more relaxed. But hey ho, we're nearly all in that boat aren't we!?

Then I had a thought this morning. What if my vision for the future, that is simply just a dream, isn't the thing that will make me all giddy and happy forevermore? What if that isn't where I'm destined to go, because in one way or another, that won't be the thing I need to complete my life?

And now it's finally hit me. (Better late than never!)
Wherever P and I end up in life, it'll be our journey that we've set out upon together... and that's really all that matters. No matter what place I call my home, it won't ever be mine; it'll be ours. As long as that's where my heart is, then that's where my happiness is too.

Quite often I get this overwhelming feeling that I'm about to burst, and need to shout out with random words, or even just a noise because I'm so excited, for no particular reason. I haven't felt like that this week, which isn't like me, but I've finally got it back again today. (Hello, old friend; I've missed you!) I want to just bleat, or yell, or run around flailing my arms, because I am happy.

And as long as I've got the people I love and humour in my life then I deem myself to always be happy. And creativity, too, actually.

If our hearts are in everything we do, then our happiness will follow, and most of all, none of the silly things will matter.

Because why should they?

This photo has the ability to make me laugh out loud and make my insides wriggle with love: because somehow, in my hat, with Tim the cat showing off his bumble, somehow, it's fabulously cute to me, and it makes me smile way too much.

It really is the little things.

Have yourselves a lovely evening everyone and don't forget to smile!

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