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Chest of Drawers Makeover

by - Monday, June 10, 2013

Hello there!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. P was away for pretty much all of it so I had two days to fill with whatever I wanted... oh the pottering freedom!

I did some bedding plant shopping and planting up with Mummy Badger, and we put in some pastel coloured petunias and some dahlias too. I also stole this cutting from her snowball plant when I was at hers that morning... I just couldn't resist. It's so pretty in all it's pom-pom beauty!

The project that I have for you today is actually one we worked on a few weeks ago but I've only just finished it, due to the weather being too nice to be cooped up inside.

So it's a very quick and very simple (providing you don't run outside at the slightest bit of sunshine and ignore everything inside...) makeover project of an old chest we inherited when we moved in. It has been shunted about the house, serving several different purposes, so has never really had a proper 'home.' It finally got moved up to the bedroom as we needed it's space downstairs... and there it sort of just sat, for rather a while.

...Until now. We eventually found some time to sand the tired old thing down and turn it into a lovely piece of furniture. And boy, did we!

It was the simplest renovation project that I've ever done. We took it outside, blasted it with two disc sanders, then hauled it back upstairs and gave it two coats of a soft white paint. (Gentle Fawn by Dulux

We left it for a day or so to dry before then moving it into position and beginning the umming & ahhing about the colour. I really couldn't make my mind up about it because with soft lamp light it was the perfect, warm and inviting colour that I'd wanted, but in daylight, it became a grey white and very cold. (The reason I didn't test the paint first was because I'd already painted woodwork in it before and it looked gorgeous... and a lot warmer).

Now, I like a lot of white, but I'm very particular about what shade of white because making a room seem cooler just baffles me. I'm a warm and cosy house kind of girl. We decided to leave it for a few weeks and live with the colour, and sure enough, I completely love it now. I think I needed to get over that newly painted feeling and let it become a piece of our home.

I picked up these lovely peach drawer liners in Laura Ashley, while they were having a 30% off sale. I knew I wanted liners as the drawers are still rather tatty inside and this would spruce them right up. We didn't paint the inside of them as I didn't want to risk having white paint dust all over my clothes! As you can see, the 'Sunday evening' feeling was setting in here so the paint job is a little rough around the edges.

But that doesn't really bother me, I'm the only one that sees inside of them and the drawers have been given a new lease of life, so a little bit of scruffy painting isn't going to get in the way of me loving them.

This is yet another place where I want to hang bunting! I'm thinking a miniature pastel colour bunting hanging between the two handles on one of the long drawers. I also may (when the infamous Singer is up and running) craft a floral runner for the top to give it a little bit of soft furnishing.

Oh, and I also brought my darling little birdcage lights inside to hang in the bedroom, because they were getting completely lost in the big outdoors. Now they're making a lovely feature inside where I notice them every day. I do love the little things!

Thanks for reading today, and I hope you're all getting through your Monday smoothly. I know I'm pretty desperate to get home to my P, and my sofa!

Lots of love,

DIY Show Off

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