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My Favourite... Things for the Garden

by - Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Good afternoon all!

I've got a teeny new feature for you today! It's a selection of my favourite things every month and will be on a different subject each time. I'll kick off this first edition with my most desired things for the garden, because the weather is getting more summery (most of the time) and we're all pining to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. So here are a few things you can find online that I really love at the moment...

...and there they are! I'm planning on grabbing the Metal Bird Trellis from Wilkos a.s.a.p. to grow the pink rose I was given for my birthday up. Wilkos also do a few wooden trellis' too, which I intend to grow my two clematis up as well.

If the text is a little too small for your screen, click on the image to open it up in a new window and ctrl + to zoom in. All images are copyright to the websites & companies they are listed from and are not taken by me.

I also adore that little Bee Hotel (doesn't that evoke the cutest images?) as I love bees. I'm trying to grow a bee-friendly garden now, as those little buzzy-bumbles are too iconic to the English summer to simply become extinct.

Lastly, this latest Affordable Interiors chapter is taking a lot longer than I anticipated as I'm making a few changes to the way images are displayed etc, so thank you for bearing with me! Am planning on having it up by the end of the week so once again, watch this space.

Lots of garden love from me today,

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