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A Lovely Summer Tart: Quorn, Pepper & Goat's Cheese

by - Sunday, May 05, 2013

Isn't it turning out to be a wonderful bank holiday weekend? I am currently sat editing and writing in my garden, in a t-shirt, and I'm hot. Amazing!
I've had a very busy day today, have cooked and baked, written two recipes, and styled & photographed them both. So here is the first one: A Lovely Summer Tart.

  Quorn, Pepper & Goat's Cheese Tart  

Serves 4
Prep 15 mins
Cook 20 mins

What you will need:

320g puff pastry roll (I used Jus-Roll low fat one)
1 heaped tbsp sweet chilli cream cheese (I used Philadelphia)
250g Quorn chicken style pieces
1 red onion
½ red pepper
½ orange pepper
1 fresh red chilli
4 cloves of garlic
100g goat's cheese, no skin
2 tbsp olive oil (I used chilli infused)
1 tsp cumin seeds, crushed
salt and pepper to taste

What to do:

Start by pre-heating your oven to 200°C (400° F, Gas Mark 6) and greasing a large baking sheet.

To make this a quick and easy dish to make, I used a a shop-bought sheet of pastry. You can of course make it from scratch if you aren't in a hurry.

Unroll the pastry onto your baking sheet and fold each side back into the centre a couple of times, to create a border.

To fold the sides that didn't naturally roll, I pressed two thumbprints into the 'natural roll' edges to allow space for the others to grip.

Now smooth the sweet chilli philly over the flat base of the pastry, making sure it is all covered. Leave the rolled edges clear.

Roughly chop the onion, peppers, garlic, chilli and goat's cheese. Using your hands, mix these together in a large bowl with the Quorn chicken and chilli oil. Either with a pestle and mortar, or the back of a spoon, crush the cumin seeds and mix those in, plus salt and pepper to taste.

Next, pour the mixture onto the flat part of the chilli philly-covered pastry, and spread out evenly. There will be plently of mixture but use it all. It will look rather overloaded, but this will drop down in the oven.
Lastly, place in the middle of the oven and cook for 20 minutes. When cooked, cut into quarters and serve with potatoes (jacket or new), salad and parmesan if you so desire.
So there it is! A very simple, very tasty, summer tart. The reason I opted for the Quorn chicken pieces instead of actual chicken, is because it has a wonderful smoky flavour to it, before you even put it with anything. This works nicely with the oven roasted veggies, and the texture of it really makes the whole dish.

I hope you've enjoyed reading today, and I will be popping up a red velvet cupcake recipe over the next day or so.

Good evening all!

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