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The Everlasting Weekend

by - Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Oh what a glorious weekend it was!
So, I have a little friend called J, and she is very dear to me. However, she lives far too far away from me and we don't get to see each other very often. So when J came to visit with her boyfriend, another dear friend to me, (and another J) AND the sun shone most of the time she was here, I couldn't stop smiling!


Now, as you may know I was planning on having a 'Love My Garden' party while they were here, and although the sun was shining, there was a distinctive nip in the air that stopped us wanting to stay outside for longer than half an hour. So instead, we ended up with a bit of a pyjama party, really.

We made cocktails while the boys drank beer, we sipped pinot grigio curled up on the sofas and we went to P's scooter rally to admire the hundreds of scoots.

She bought belated Birthday treats...
We ate croissants for Sunday breakfast...
We had pub lunches in the sun...

We had relaxing little lay-ins...

(And it wasn't just us!)...

I must say, I was very happy to see this summery sight too...

We drank homemade cosmopolitans while playing our new favourite game; 'Say Whaaaat?' We danced around to Tom Jones in the wee hours, and we made campfire favourites in my new chimenea.

Most importantly, we made plans. Plans to not wait another 8 months before we next see each other. It's been a lovely weekend and I thank the people that made it so memorable.

I'm writing this from my lovely sunny garden, taking a moment of solitude to listen to the birds and reflect on a very special weekend.

Hope you all had a brilliant weekend, whatever you got up to,

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