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My Spring Home | Easter & Birthday

by - Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Easter & Birthday Delights
Ok, so it's been a little bit of a chilly spring, but spring nonetheless and is, therefore, my favourite time of year. The signs of new life are a welcome and refreshing sight after a long, blustery winter, and putting the clocks forward to give more evening light makes everything feel lighter, brighter and fresher.

I'm now looking forward to warm, sunny days where I can sit outside and enjoy the fragrant summer air. The long evenings, where P and I can barbecue in the garden with a bottle of Chardonnay.  And the sounds of summer life, of children playing, of lawnmowers mowing, and birds singing their glorious song.

When a festive season comes along, I like to go all out with the decorations and create a feel relevant to the time of year. So, it having been my Birthday and Easter recently, I've decorated our lounge with all things spring.

I've used a vintage tablecloth with a full-length mirror for the runner, and adorned it with teacups, chicks, candles and flowers. The pink pearl hyacinth was a Birthday present from Grandma Messenger, the daffodils an Easter gift from ma & pa, and the Easter cactus in the window was from my big sis.

This decorating was all started by the traditional sweetie jar I had that I wanted filled with the powdery, pastel shades of mini-eggs.
I love that sweet smell you get when you open a new bag of mini eggs.

Little chicks in pastel buckets! I am in love.

I also made this darling bunny bunting. The stripes are my favourite... it's like he's in pyjamas! This was inspired by a lovely site I came across called Heart Hand Made, and the template (made by Papercraft Inspirations)  is available for free here.

Isn't it cute!?

To make mine, I downloaded the template and used it to make various bunnies from some pastel spring patterns. I bought some sheer yellow ribbon and white pom poms from Hobbycraft, stuck the tails on with Hobby's High-Tack glue, hole-punched the ears (ouch!) and threaded the bunnies on to the ribbon about 6 inches apart.

And there you have it, my spring home. It's just about warming up now and the sun is certainly around more these days, so here's to spring, summer and the rest.

Our 'Love My Garden' Party is still (hopefully) going ahead if the weather stays warm and dry. I've already started planning the food, now I just need to plan decorations!

I hope your day is sunny today,

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