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Robin's Garden

by - Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Having just popped outside from my window-less editing studio, and seen mr. sunshine, I'm feeling a little bit inspired to write...

The reason for today's title is a tribute to my Godfather, Robin, who passed away a couple of years ago. Whenever it's time for summer to come around, I always remember the happy days we spent with him and his partner, my other Godfather, Tom. They lived opposite my family home, across the stream that ran alongside our lane. So every other weekend we would take it in turns to visit one another, and there would always be lots of tea, and lots of home-made cake. My fondest memories of these visits tend to be of the summer, and of Christmas. Seeing as I'm feeling all bright and sunny today, I think the summer would be the best one to mention.

I will try to keep my picture-painting short and sweet, but I can't guarantee anything!

Their home was a beautiful little crooked cottage, with wooden beams weaving through the ceilings and down to the floor. Although as a child I always thought of it as being cold, I now feel that the house was 'airy.' (And we know how much a light and airy house makes me happy.) The garden was at the back of the house, and ran parallel to the little stream that I also spent a lot of the summer months playing in. Half way down the long garden, there was a small patio surrounded by small trees and tall rose bushes. I cannot describe to you the wonderful scents that came from this area, but imagine the sweetest, most decadent rose fragrance you can imagine, entwined with the smell of brewing tea leaves. To me, this is the smell of summer.

This little patio, with it's wrought iron round table and chairs, was where we spent all of our summer sundays with Tom & Robin, and their gorgeous terrier, Ted. Within this magical nook was also a small pond with the most beautiful koi fish you may have ever seen. Miniature 'fragaria x ananassa' plants had nestled themselves in the pavement cracks surrounding the pond and always produced wonderful crimson red, tiny strawberries that my sister and I used to nibble while feeding the fish. The adults sat at the table (we would end up losing interest and play with Ted on the perfectly manicured lawn), swapping tales and discussing plans, while the gentle smoke from Robin's pipe drifted over the garden, infusing itself with the rose and strawberry aromas, and quite often alongside the smell of freshly cut grass.

I think this would be my heaven. Sitting with the people I love, without a care in the world, in amongst the sights, sounds, smells and all-round beauty of nature. This is what I want my garden to be.

...and with a little bit of hard work and remembering why I want it, I think I can make it happen.

Thank you so much for reading today. Here's to a dreamy summer.

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