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A Phrase or Two #1

by - Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Hello Hello!

It seems a lovely evening today, the weather has cooled off significantly and there is the distinct smell of Autumn in the air. I didn't realise it until recently but I really do love this time of year. On one hand, yes, I'm sad that we're losing the long evening light and the chance of bare legs and sandals. 

On the other hand, however, I couldn't be more excited to try making toffee apples for the first time, and may even have a go at making some cinder toffee, too. I'm filled with excitement for Halloween, and I believe this is due to the fun we had this time last year. P and I took his younger brother, Jus, trick or treating around the neighbourhood, and we all had fun dressing up. I have absolutely no problem letting my inner child run free in the wind, every now and then!

We certainly made the most of remembering what halloween was like as children as P and I also spent a night carving pumpkins, and the smell alone was like a trip down ol' memory lane. Around the same time, little Roma the kitten got her last set of jabs and we were able to let her out for the first time, and enjoyed watching her sit on a patio slab (she was absolutely tiny in the big wide world) and dart across to the next one as she didn't like the feel of the grass on her paws. She's come a long way since then, she barely wants to be in the house now!

But I of course, digress. My reason for posting today is to post a phrase that in some way, has made me smile. Mostly, I predict that it will end up being phrases that make me look to the future, and to my and P's life together. I like to look to the future, and can't help but do this far too frequently at the moment!

So today, my phrase is this:

blue lampshade.

Take from it what you will, and hopefully the words that I end up posting will conjure up your own dreams and memories, for what would we be without them?

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