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Brighton Snooze

by - Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Looks like it's time to do some catch-up blogging! A post I seem to have missed from January, but a post, and in particular, a memory all the same...

On our return from a lovely weekend in Brighton, we're certainly feeling the back-to-work blues. After two and a half days by the sunny (but oh so nippy) seaside, I'm already missing long lay ins, strolls on the beach and the quirkiness that comes hand in hand with Brighton town. 

Being with P in Brighton, a man somewhat comparable to a small child in a shiny toy shop when in this town, meant that when shopping in the Laines, it's first stop: Jump The Gun. After trying on the same three button suit as many times as it has buttons (including cuffs!), and lapping the shop 'to check we haven't missed anything' more times than I care to remember, we left with a crisp paper bag harbouring the finest modwear in Brighton. (Excluding the three button suit might I add!)

Before I met P, I had no idea what 'mod' meant. After stunning just about everyone with this revelation (and not comprehending why), I feel I could finally say I understand the term. In fact, I more than understand the term. When P is excited about something, it is very much my excitement too, whether it is the concept of a first scooter or simply just a new tie. I very much agree that it is a way of life, and not just a fashion phase. I have been introduced to some of the best music around by P, music that I never even knew existed. Having been made very, very familiar with life in the sixties, I've come to not only appreciate but in fact, love, all things mod. Including P, of course. Because that's what love is, isn't it?

So naturally, P's lifelong interest has taken us to Brighton on more than one occasion. On this trip, we stayed at Snooze Guesthouse, and honestly, I couldn't fault it. The 1950's themed room (the 60's one was already booked!) was the icing on the cake, with every little detail touched upon to make our stay a truly wonderful one. 

A 'Sarah English' breakfast is possibly the best way to begin your day. With muddled vintage teacups and embracing salt 'n' pepper sets perched on your table, it's a challenge not to feel at home in the beautifully decorated breakfast room. With our tummies filled and our hearts ready for the day ahead, the lovely staff at Snooze waved us on our merry way to explore brilliant Brighton. As we already knew, our weekend ahead would consist of uncountable mod-related shops, mixed nicely with popping into the vintage & charity shops for a brief scour through displays of items from every era imaginable, each find understated in it's own beauty.

However, it's not the shop-visits and gem-finds that I love about our time spent together. It's the moments that tend to get brushed away to the dark shadows of one's memory with little cobwebs forming around them. Those memories that you only actually remember when they give you a little poke and make you smile in a way that nothing else can.

The evening wanders along the pier where you stand and breathe in the January sea-air and feel alive once again. The dingy alternative pubs in which you stop to rest your tired feet and enjoy a change of scenery. The moment spent running across Brighton to make a dinner reservation because you're always late to things. 

And most importantly, the giant eiderdown bed covers that we collapse into at the end of a busy but wonderful day, remembering that we are together and that we always will be.

Never forget to tell those people how much you really love them.

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