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Life is a Minestrone

by - Thursday, May 17, 2012

A sunny weekend of concerts and more concerts!
Good afternoon!
Hope everyone had as sunny a weekend as me!
Mine has been kicked off with a wonderful treat! Two of my Birthday presents were tickets to a couple of shows; 10cc and Georgie Fame. A few differences in taste perhaps but both a great love of mine.

On Thursday night, after a lot of rushing and too much fast food weighing us down, Papa Badger, P and myself made our way down to the Smoke to see 10cc at the Royal Albert Hall. Being the first time I've ever been there, I was in utter awe before I even made it inside. Despite the Hall looking slightly modest from the outside, I still can't believe how grand and regal it is inside. From the red velvet curtains to the towers and towers of seating, right down (or up!) to the prisoner-esque sound enhancers on the ceiling. Simply, amazing, like something out of a fantasy!

The music was of course exceptional, and we all had an absolutely wonderful evening, and were even lucky enough to see 10cc perform an acapella version of their song, Donna.

As if trekking all the way down to London from the Cambridgeshire countryside wasn't enough, P and I then made our way to Hertford theatre the next evening to see Georgie Fame and Sons. This concert couldn't have varied more from the last if it tried. We were sat front row (and might I add, on the side of Georgie's organ) and were so close in the tiny theatre that we could see every crinkle in his skin, and every facial expression as he performed. Not only that, but, being so close to the Fame himself, and hearing his stories about how he came about writing each song, and which major musicians he joined along the way, brought me close to curling up on the stage-floor at his knee whilst bleating, "and then what, Grandad!?" It was the rawest gig I have ever been to, and it was fantastic. It left me feeling almost as though Georgie was one of our friends from the way that he spoke and interacted with the audience. It truely was a unique performance, done in the most intimate and special way.

Thank you, Mr. Fame.

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