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Goodnight, Moon

by - Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Spring is almost sprung!
Today has certainly been a refreshing one. Performing regular daily tasks like getting up, driving to work, working, and driving back home have been made that little bit more pleasant by the gentle bit of sun peeping through the curtains this morning. I didn't drag myself reluctantly out of bed, resenting having to prepare for the day ahead while it was still dark outside, as I have been all winter. In fact, I greeted mr. sun with a big grin (he hasn't quite got his hat on, I believe it's still tucked away for winter) and got up early to play fetch with our kitten, Roma, and her mouse, Macy.

Unfortunately, Macy could not quite enjoy the ravishing rays of 'shine streaming through the windows, as she no longer has any eyes, ears or even a tail, being Roma's favourite toy. She's taken quite a beating over the few months that she's been with us, but has managed to hang onto her little red nose. I will not be one to complain though, for Roma has fallen in love with the little grey mouse. She carries it in her mouth and drops it at our feet, then eagerly waits for us to commence the game of fetch. I'm sure she thinks she's a dog.

But I digress! My message to you all today is that starting the day in a light, airy room, and leaving work before dark for the first time in ages tells me that spring is very nearly here! I look forward to the evenings drawing out, waking up to the birds singing, and watching flowers poking their way through the earth to greet the day.

Being able to drive home from work and see for miles across the fields, rather than piercing darkness with nothing but the moon and bright car headlights to look at puts me in the most wonderful spring-fresh frame of mind. Here's to spring, easter, and onto summer. So I say hello sunshine, and goodnight, moon.

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