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Dragon's Lick Biscuits

by - Monday, February 06, 2012

Chilli & Ginger Biscuits with Saffron Tongues

So after a snowy sunday of biscuit baking, I finally managed to get my latest recipe just right. After various attempts, followed by various tastings, it was safe to say that I was all biscuit-ed out.

Unfortunately, my baking was slightly interrupted, to say the least. Mine and P's over adventurous kitten Roma decided that her second trip outside - and her first sight of snow - would be one to remember. P and I spent most of our afternoon clambering through snowy bushes and speaking to the neighbours trying to find exactly where her excited little paws had taken her. Hours later, the cheeky thing ran through the door as we were setting out on our next kitten hunt. Icy cold and her fur curly from the snow -her belly reminiscent of an 80's perm - she snuggled up on the bean bag and licked herself dry. (I'll never understand how a cat's tongue works!) Once she was safe and warm, P returned to tinkering with his new Lambretta Li125, and I returned to the kitchen.

After several more attempts, and many cups of tea passed out to P and his new, two wheeled baby, the Licks began to resemble something incredibly tasty. By the end of the day, these tea time treats featured lovely flavours of crystallised ginger, with the heat of them enhanced slightly by the chilli flakes. Being a fan of spice, I decided to put a kick to mine and P's afternoon tea by dunking them in it. The ginger complimented the leafy tea notes beautifully. To make them have as much character as they do bite, I also stood a few strands of saffron in the top of each biscuit, just before putting them in the oven. This created the wonderful red tongues that vibrantly finish off these fiery biscuits.

My Dragon's Lick Biscuits are a fairly simple recipe, but like many things, are all about timing. Leave them in the oven too long, they turn to charred, solid discs. (Not entirely irrelevant, I suppose.) Take them out too early, and they are just that tiny bit too squishy. However, this does mean that depending on how you like your biscuits, you can tailor-cook them to whatever texture and therefore, taste, that you require. The timings that I settled on resulted in biscuits that were crunchy on the outside, with a small amount of soft and chewy on the inside: divine!

For those that are interested in making my Dragon's Lick Biscuits, watch this space! I will be posting the recipe and more photos very soon.

Until then,

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